SerReal Labs is currently a “Sandbox” VPS environment being used to sharpen existing skills and hone new ones. The website portion of SerReal Labs is essentially a “contact me” post-it note. It allows me to reference and advertise my work experience independent of social media and other externally owned platforms.

Contact – n@serreal.com
Resume – PDF
LinkedIn – https://linkedin.com/in/serreal

RECENTLY @ SerReal Labs…
Lately…the primary focus is to stand-up a resource elastic environment capable of expanding and contracting to machine learning use cases. Resource management is being handled by Docker and Kubernetes while the machine learning software is TensorFlow (Keras APIs). A financial dataset is being consumed and stored locally for proof-of-concept. Financial data was selected initially because it is easily accessible, highly available and historically abundant. I would be remised if I did not mention that I am using Alpaca’s APIs. Their development environments allow high data limits and have well written API documentation.

The end state is to have architected and engineered an elastic framework capable of consuming, storing, training and modeling many different types of datasets.

What specifically sparked this entire learning experience is my recent obsession with Physics. Specifically, I am fascinated with the large amounts of open sourced particle accelerator data Cern has made available from the Large Hadron Collider experiments. I would like to model some of that as a hobby.

Many physicist have become essentially Data Scientist. I am by no means a Data Scientist but aspiring to be one seems to be a noble endeavor. The skills required to build elastic, AI driven architectures are universally useful. Systems Engineers with knowledge and experience working with these types of technologies are valuable to any organization in every industry and will remain so for years to come.